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Ryan Malinowski

Thank you for sharing, hopefully people will step up to the plate and share their story and hopefully that will inspire many others to do the same!


Interesting. So what is going to happen here? How to write our testimony? Other people's testimony? And really our conversation did all that?? Nice observation and application, though. Made me say, "Wow!"


Carm, you are so precious!!! So what's going to happen? At this point, my desire would be a place to learn how to create and write our stories and then be willing to share them. How God plans to use it may very well be a different we are well aware happens when he is in control!! No matter what, it will be a blessing!


T, I want you to know that you have ignited within me a desire to work on my story/testimony. I know that through writing and thinking about my life God will bring more and more healing and restoration. God has spoken to me about my life using Isaiah 61. This section of scripture is the place that Jesus refers to when speaking of Himself. It speaks of rebuilding and renewing things that have been desolated..... This is my calling and my purpose, to allow God to renew and rebuild my life, and allow Him to use me to renew and rebuild other lives. So, thank you T for letting God use your story, and just like a ripple, the effect goes out farther than you will see on this side of heaven.

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